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7 Reasons Retail Therapy Works Wonders ...

By Alicia

I am a big believer in retail therapy. It can make you feel so much better. It absolutely works wonders to help you in many different situations. Let’s look at why retail therapy works so beautifully.

1 It is Distracting

Retail therapy is distracting. It gets your mind off of your problems. Instead of sitting and dwelling on your problem over and over, you put your mind to work on shopping and the mentality that requires. It does not make your problems go away but it does get your mind off of them, which helps you to feel better. By the time you are finished shopping, the problem usually doesn’t seem nearly as big as it did before.

2 It is Fun

Retail therapy is just fun because shopping is fun. I am not a person that believes it is best to avoid your problems. But if you have hashed through them and done all that you feel you can with them, sometimes it is best to take a break from them and do something fun. Retail therapy is enjoyable and a welcome break from stressing over a difficult situation. It sometimes helps you restore a healthier balance in yourself.

3 New Things Give Your Spirits a Lift

Let’s just be honest here. We are all friends, right? New things give your spirits a lift. At least they do mine! I may still have the problem after I am finished shopping but now I have a problem while wearing a new pair of jeans or carrying a new purse.

4 Shopping is Relaxing

Shopping is relaxing. The sights and sounds of a mall help to melt away stress for most of us women. After dealing with a stressful situation, you need something calming and retail therapy can be that something. You do not have to spend a lot of money for retail therapy to be beneficial and in fact you should never spend money beyond what you can afford while shopping for stress relief. But retail therapy can be just the lift your spirits need.

5 It Takes Time

Retail therapy is a good way to spend time. If you would have been spending that time stressing over your problem and worrying yourself, retail therapy can help with that. It takes time and gets your mind on something else. This is especially helpful if you are dreading and stressing over something in the near future. It helps to pass the time in a more peaceful way for you.

6 You Get Something off of Your Wish List

You know, retail therapy is just a win-win. You get to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the mall or shopping center where you are. Plus, you get something off of your wish list. If you choose to purchase something you had been wishing for anyways, you get a double burst of happiness. It may have been something you were going to buy anyway and now you can take that off your wish list.

7 It Can Be Good for Your Self-Esteem

Retail therapy can be good for your self-esteem. The problem that you are dealing with may or may not have something to do with your self-esteem but retail therapy can boost it either way. Many of the things that women typically buy are things that go right along with making them feel better about themselves. Maybe it is makeup, perfume or a new article of clothing. An added bonus is that when you feel good about yourself, you tend to be able to deal with your problems better.

Have you ever tried retail therapy? Does it make you feel better? Tell me what you think.

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