7 Reasons Pajama Days Are the Best ...


7 Reasons Pajama Days Are the Best ...
7 Reasons Pajama Days Are the Best ...

I think that pajama days are a must in order to have a truly happy life. Pajama days are when you spend the whole day in your pajamas. This is not a temptation that I allow myself very often but there are some times that I do give in to the pleasure of it. Let’s talk about some of the very enjoyable advantages of pajama days.

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It is Relaxing

It probably goes without saying that it is relaxing. Pajama days just seem to be restful and peaceful. It is a day that you can just rest and do things like read or watch movies. You must not work or clean if you are wearing pajamas! The whole purpose of the day is to just relax.


It is a Day at Home

Needless to say, pajama days are days I do not leave home. I will admit to wearing yoga pants while driving my children to school but never pajamas. Pajamas mean bedtime or a day at home and both are not bad prospects. Since our family is made up of homebodies, pajama days fit right into that. We all just wear our pajamas and enjoy not leaving the house.


It is Comfortable

Pajama days are just comfortable. No wearing uncomfortable clothing. You can just enjoy the texture of soft materials and the fact that pajamas are made for comfort. Add a pair of fuzzy house shoes or aloe socks and you are set for the day. Comfort is the name of the game on pajama days.


The Pressure is off

A pajama day means that you get to set your list aside for a while and just enjoy the fact that you are home. No deadlines to meet or places you have to be. The whole point of a pajama day is to just enjoy being home and doing nothing but what makes you feel happy and relaxed. We sometimes watch movies on our pajama days or just lie around and read or surf the net. It is nice to just have no pressure on you to get things done.


Great for a Movie Night

Movie night often means it is time to break out the pajamas at our house. Even if we haven’t been able to spend the full day as a pajama day, sometimes we make a partial one. If you are going to enjoy watching movies, why not do it in your pajamas? It is much better than trying to relax with something uncomfortable on. Cozying up in pajamas to a good flick is a great way to end the day.


It Sends a Message

In my house, when my family sees me wearing pajamas, they know it means one of two things. Either Mom is sick and off duty or I am taking the day to just rest, which is extremely rare. My family gets the message loud and clear that this is not the day to ask me to fix something elaborate for supper or to do some mending for them. This may be my favorite reason to have a pajama day, now that I think about that fact. You should try it and see if the message goes out to your family.


Out of the Ordinary

A pajama day is out of the ordinary, at least at our house. We are a busy family. We balance two jobs, extracurricular activities of the kids, church events and many other obligations. A pajama day is a welcome change to all of that. It is a down day that we all welcome heartily. They are rare occasions but we treasure them when we get them.

Pajama days have some very enjoyable points. What about you? What do you love most about pajama days?

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And speak of course lol.

When aren't they?

#1 Hi pj A big success -Jane

When I was younger my mum would pick a day on the school holidays to have a 'pj day' and we'd get to pick a few recipes and bake cakes etc then watch some movies and eat what we made :)

In my kids school they do pajama days i never had that so not fair

My fave thing about pj days is the fact i don't have to put full makeup on!!

#2 same

Reading this in pajamas as we read!


I always feel so guilty when i'm having a pajama day ! When i'm busy with school and sports, i long for a day in comfy clothing, not having to do ANYTHING and not leaving the house. But when i have a pajama day i can only enjoy it for a couple of hours. After a few hours i feel useless, put my clothes on and do homework/exercise/do grocery shopping. The next day, i feel like: i'm so busy again, why didn't i take all day yesterday?! It's so frustrating..my therapist says it has something to do with my ADHD

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