7 Reasons Not to Choose Sides when Your Parents Get Divorced ...


I know not everyone will agree with me about not choosing sides when your parents get divorced, but let me share how well it worked for me. If you’re a teenager and have some grasp on what’s happening, I think not choosing sides is the best thing. Was it tough? Yes, it was. Did my mom not like me too much after not picking her side? She didn’t like me for a while. Am I glad I handled things the way I did? I honestly am, and wouldn’t change a thing if I had the chance. My younger sister, unfortunately, also went through it all, and she did choose sides. But I just couldn’t choose between them; I love both my parents equally, and I didn’t want to be without either of them. I realize not choosing sides when your parents get divorced may not always be possible, but hopefully I can give you a little insight on why not choosing will make things easier for you.

1. You Love Your Parents

It’s never easy when your parents get divorced. If you had no clue anything was going on until you witnessed the first argument, or until one of your parents sat down with you to talk, up to that moment you loved both of your parents, right? Why should that change? You can be angry at one or both, but don’t choose sides. If you are honest with both of them about your feelings and ask questions, you will gain the insight you need to understand what they are going through.

It Makes the Pain Fade Quicker
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