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I Dont Want to Be a Mom ...

By Maritza

You might be shocked, but there are several reasons I don't want to be a mom.

If you're reading this, you've probably had that thought too. So now what? Well in my case, coming to that decision took about 30 years to finalize, but the writing was on the wall well before then.

Maybe like me, you're a person who never looked forward or made effort to carve out the space needed for parenthood. Maybe, like me you've known that you weren't ready now and the tick tock of time only solidified your reasons not to. Those are the dinner party answers you can give when the subject comes up in mixed company. So what are the reasons I don't want to be a mom?

Bottom line real talk. Life is so much better without having kids and there is really no comparison. My husband's co-worker recently brought up an age old rebuke to our decision. "Who's going to take care of you when you're old?" Being the progressive thinker and friendly co-worker that his is, he replied with our plan. "Robots are going to take care of me." That sounds like a joke and when we talk about it we laugh a lot, but the joke is not on us.

The reasons of the past for having children have been eroded by science, modern challenges and the redefining of male and female roles. It's actually very liberating for those left who truly want to become parents rather than those who feel they have little choice. Real real talk. You've walked around the world for enough time to see the products of bad upbringing, bad parents, not enough resources and trauma. Not everyone should have kids.

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