19 Reasons Forests Are Important to the Planet ...

It seems the world is still not listening clearly enough to the reasons forests are important. All forests – rainforest, evergreen forests, deciduous forests, bamboo forests, swamp forests, and jungles – are all vital to the health of our planet, yet we don’t pay them enough respect. Why? Because of the multitudinous reasons forests are important!

1. Some Things Cannot Be Grown Elsewhere

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Thing such as vanilla are notoriously difficult to grow in areas that do not have perfect conditions, but there are some rainforest products that are beyond difficult to grow elsewhere. Thing such as Brazil nuts are very difficult to grow elsewhere without spending literally thousands of dollars per month to keep the conditions perfect. Plus, even if you built a structure that copied the conditions exactly, it can take between 12 and 15 years for a tree to start producing nuts. Life on this planet will change dramatically if we do not keep our rainforests, but if you are still looking for reasons forests are important then consider the fact it will give you less choice in the supermarket.

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