7 Real Work from Home Jobs You Can do with Kids ...


7 Real Work from Home Jobs You Can do with Kids ...
7 Real Work from Home Jobs You Can do with Kids ...

As a stay at home mom, I'm constantly looking for real work from home jobs. While there are many scams that you'll need to watch out for, there are many legitimate jobs, too. Some people are even able to earn a full-time income without ever leaving their home. If you've been wanting to work from home, but haven't been able to find something that works for you, I've got a list of 7 real work from home jobs for you to check out.

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Call Center Agent

When looking for real work from home jobs, you should consider working as a Call Center Representative. With this job you'll be speaking with customers, while providing them with customer service, technical support or sales. To do this job, you'll need a computer and a noise free space without distractions. There are a variety of companies that you can choose to work for. Many of them offer a flexible schedule and the ability to work full or part-time. The pay for this position does vary, but many people are thrilled with their earnings.


Freelance Writer

If you enjoy writing or blogging, you may like working as a freelance writer. This is a very flexible opportunity that you can do from anywhere. You can choose to be a full-time writer or part-time writer. To me the best thing about this job is that it works well around the needs of my family. There are several magazines and newspapers that you can choose to write for. If you have limited writing experience, there are some opportunities that are available for beginners, as well.


Daycare Provider

Do you love working with children? If so, opening a daycare in your home could be a great opportunity for you. You'll be able to earn money, while providing a great service to others. It will also allow you to set your own hours and spend time with your kids while you work. Before starting a daycare in your home, you'll need to find out what your state and local government requirements are for in home daycare centers.The start up cost for a daycare could be a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars.


Chat Agent

If you like the idea of being a Call Center Representative, but can't speak with customers on the phone, consider working as a Chat Agent. With this position, you'll still assist customers, but all of your communication will be do via online chat. You will never have to speak with customers on the telephone or in person. If you have small children this is a great option because they won't have to be quiet while you work. The only downside of being a Chat Agent is that there aren't a lot of chat opportunities available, so it may hard to find a job.


Direct Sales

With direct sales, you'll be selling products to customers face to face, at in-home parties, and through catalog orders.Though this opportunity does require you to leave your home, it's still a flexible opportunity that you can do with children. You'll find that here are many products that you can sell such as cosmetics, handbags, or jewelry. For each item you sell, you'll earn a commission which could be 10% to 50% depending on the company that you work for and how much you sell. If you are a self-starter and enjoy being around people, direct sales could be an excellent job for you.


Freelance Photographer

Do you love taking beautiful pictures? If so, consider becoming a freelance photographer. With this opportunity the only start up cost is a decent camera that you are comfortable using. You can also save money by using free photo editing software to edit your photos. Don't worry about having a photography studio, instead be a onsite photographer. When the weather is permitting, you can do most of your photography sessions outdoors.


Online Sales

There are many things that you can sell online to make money. If you enjoy going to thrift stores or yard sales, perhaps you could buy things and resell them at online flea markets like eBay and Craigslist. If you are crafty, you could make and sell items on Etsy, as well. If you think that online sales, may be right for you, it is important that you pick products that you know a lot about. If not, you may end up investing more in a product than it sells for.

This list is just some of the work from home jobs that you can do. There are many other opportunities that people had a great amount of success with. Do you currently work from home or are you looking for a work from home job? I would love to hear your story.

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