Quotes That Prove Miss Piggy is a Feminist Icon ...

By Neecey

Quotes That Prove Miss Piggy is a Feminist Icon ...

On June 4, 2015, Miss Piggy will receive the Outstanding Women’s Award at the Brooklyn Museum's annual Sackler Center First Awards. The confident and outspoken performer, actor, writer, and icon is the first non-human to be honored in such a way and to celebrate this great event let's hear from the world's greatest pig herself

1 On Beauty

2 On Love

3 On Being Judged by Others

4 On Work

5 On Broken Hearts

6 On Food

7 On Style

8 On Her Beauty Routine

9 On Exercise

10 On Her Behavior

11 On Being Let down

12 On Acceptance

13 On Being Her

Miss Piggy has been fabulous for 40 years! Long may she reign over us.

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