7 Questions You Should Never Ask ...


People are curious by nature and tend to ask a lot of questions, but there are some questions you should never ask. I always try to be polite when I am talking to people, and my politeness is always appreciated. In being polite, I have learned that there are certain questions that are generally considered very rude to ask. These questions tend to make people bristle up and feel like they are being judged or insulted. I always stay away from asking these questions. Unless you know the person really well, I suggest following this list of questions you should never ask.

1. Income

Although it is considered extremely rude, some people still ask โ€œHow much do you make?โ€ Even if you are very curious, avoid asking this question. Not only is it rude, but it can make people very uncomfortable. I know if someone asked me this question, I would feel like they were being very nosy. In all honesty, it is no one elseโ€™s business how much money a person makes. Unless the person offers up the information, inquiries about income are questions you should never ask.

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