4 Products with the Best Fall Scents to Have You Feeling the Season ...

By Morgan

4 Products with the Best Fall Scents to Have You Feeling the Season ...

To me, fall has the best scents of any season! But, what are the products with the best scents of fall? Sure, summer has rain scented candles, but it never ACTUALLY smells like a rain storm, and snow is a scent you just can't duplicate. So as far as best scents, it's autumn hands down! Here are products with the best scents of fall that you need to have your home (and body) smelling like the best season ever!

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Leaves 3 Wick Candle by Bath and Body Works

wax, $14.50 at bathandbodyworks.com

This is a classic candle that Bath and Body Works brings back every year due to popular demand. It's got a cinnamon apple scent and the three wick candle helps the scent waft through your room or house perfectly. This is one of the products with the best scents of fall!


Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow 3 Wick Candle from Bath and Body Works

wax, lighting, candle, flavor, font, $14.50 at bathandbodyworks.com

If spicy candles aren’t really your thing, this sweet vanilla candle will fill all of your pumpkin dreams as it smells almost exactly like a pumpkin spice latte.


Philosophy Fall Favourites Show Gel Trio

product, product, lotion, health & beauty, hair care, $42.00 at qvc.com

This trio of autumn scented shower gels consists of three very sweet smelling, long lasting products that smell like apple cider and marshmallow. You really get the best of all things fall with this set.


Autumn Edition Cafeomancy Scrub

seasoning, ingredient, spice, Price- $15.00 at witchbabysoap.com

This is my favourite scrub that comes out during the autumn season. It smells of the best things in fall, including fresh coffee, pumpkin, and a little sweetness. This scrub will really wake you up in the morning and make your whole bathroom smell exactly like it should during the autumn months.

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