7 Products No One Needs but I Want Anyway ...


7 Products No One Needs but I Want Anyway ...
7 Products No One Needs but I Want Anyway ...

Every day new products are coming out, some of them help us in our day to day life but others are products no one needs. The fact that they aren’t a necessity doesn’t stop me from wanting them though! I thought I would share with you all some of the products no one needs but I want anyway! I know we all have a list a mile long of similar items that we’re just dying to have even though they wouldn’t really improve our lives in any real way.

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The Little Boil Buoy

The Little Boil Buoy Technically this is one of the products no one needs that hasn’t been mass produced yet. It is still in the production stages but is estimated to be $9.99 once it hits store shelves. I know it’s not a good idea to leave the kitchen while you have water boiling, but sometimes things beyond our control happen… your kids need you or you have to leave the room to grab something and temporarily forget you have a pot sitting on the stove. The Little Boil Buoy floats in the water and whistles at you when the water has come to a boil, much like a tea kettle does. I would absolutely LOVE one of these!


Oversized Bean Bag Lounger

Oversized Bean Bag Lounger I want this so badly! It looks so comfy and perfect for curling up with a book or snuggling up to watch a movie. The major downfall for me on this one is that I have no room for it. At $199.00 from Overstock it’s pricey, but I think I would cave in and buy it eventually if space wasn’t an issue. What do you think? Is it worth it?


Drivemocion Car Sign

Drivemocion Car Sign Is there anyone who hasn’t wanted this at one point or another? When giving the finger just won’t do, this awesome little gadget lets you display 16 different phrases or emoticons to get your message across clear as day. Don’t worry, they’re not all negative, they included “Thanks” and “Sorry” as well. ThinkGeek's got it for $29.99.


Unforgettable Door Organizer

Unforgettable Door Organizer If you tend to be a bit absent minded, like me, you’ll be eyeing this like I have been for the past month or so. I currently have a plastic grocery bag hanging from the handle of my door and I constantly tuck things inside of it that I need to remember to take with me. This is a MUCH classier way to keep organized and make sure you remember everything you need when you leave. Find it on Amazon for $17.99.


Shower LED

Shower LED This pretty handheld shower head changes colors as you shower and all without batteries! It is fully powered by water which, in my opinion, just adds to its awesomeness! I can just imagine how peaceful it would be to take a nice long hot shower with these beautiful lights streaming above my head! It's available at Amazon for $9.99.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker I know that no one needs this. Breakfast sandwiches aren’t that hard to make, but I would love to have this handy little contraption that allows me to only use one device to make every separate component. I’ve always been a huge fan of ham and egg sandwiches in the morning and this would allow me to throw them together a bit easier. Check it out on Amazon for $24.00.


Toilet Illuminator

Toilet Illuminator This is something I want more for my husband than for myself… if you catch my drift. Though I suppose it would also work well to help me find my way in the bathroom in the dark. It's also helpful when you need to know if the toilet seat is up or down. These glow-in-the-dark strips are completely invisible with the lights on, so guests in your house will never know they’re there. Get it at Jonny Glow for $12.95.

I know I can live without every single one of these products, I simply don’t want to! I would love to own all of these fun gadgets, but for now I’ll make do with the ones I have. I’m definitely asking for that shower head for my birthday next month though! What do you think about these products? Are there any others that you are just dying to own?

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Love the beanbag !

I want all!!!

Awesome that looks fun

Stuff like this is why credit card debt exists lol

Yes! Especially the first!

The bean bag is super cool! We had 2 in our hotel room, so comfy!

I find the bean bags so cool but the rest, i think it is all wants not needs

These are so awesome. I LOVE the shower head gadget.

Haha I love the name of this article xD

Pretty sure ill be buying the car sign.

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