Presents 🎁 You Should Never 🚫 Give 😱 ...


Giving and receiving gifts is a special gesture that makes the receiver and the giver of the gift feel all warm and fuzzy inside – if the gift was appropriate that is. There is nothing more uncomfortable than giving someone an awkward gift that will embarrass both you and the person you are giving it to. Or even worse, making them feel sad or angry resulting in tears – which is heartbreaking.

And, no matter how well-intentioned your gift may be, or how well you think you know the person, it might not always be received with your good intentions abundantly obvious and yes you might be making someone’s special event memorable, but not in any way that anyone would like it. When choosing gifts take extra effort to ensure that they are age-appropriate, as that is the first wrong corner people take is getting something for a teenager, young girl or sophisticated Grandfather that is entirely not age-appropriate and comes across as cheap and tacky.

So if you are looking for a list of the ultimate faux pas when it comes to gift giving, I have compiled a list of presents you should never give to anyone for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other special occasion.

1. Charity Donations

This is a tricky one and really does come across as something that has nothing to do with the person who is receiving this β€˜β€™gift’’, rather absolutely everything about the gift giver and their philanthropic tendencies. And yes, if you want to support the Underwater Ballet Association for the Underprivileged go right ahead – but your friend might never have heard of them – neither have we – and your little publicity party stunt, staged so that everyone can just look at you, will have stolen your friend’s thunder completely and you can be 100% sure your invite to next year’s party has been revoked.

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