Practically Perfect Gifts for the Adventurous ...

By Olga

Practically Perfect Gifts for the Adventurous ...

When buying gifts for the adventurer in your life, you have to think of practical over pretty and function over form. They don't want bulk in their backpacks or extra weight. They want items designed for their extreme sport or things that will help them get them where they're going, or when they get there. Any of the items on this list fit the bill.

1 How to Stay Alive in the Woods: a Complete Guide

By Workman Publishing $16 on Amazon

Everything the adventurer needs to know for being in a tree-bound habitat.

Definitely need a good camera to take pictures of all the adventures.

2 HERO3: Black Edition

By GoPro $375 on Amazon

Absolutely need a good camera to take pictures of all the adventures. And this one is definitely designed with the intrepid adventurer in mind.

3 Finding Your Way without Map or Compass

By Dover Publications $9 on Amazon

It might seem an unnecessary skill these days with GPS but it's a skill no true adventurer should be without.

4 Serrated Edge Remix

By Gerber $15 on Amazon

A good knife is an essential piece of kit.

5 Unbreakable Shoelace, Black

By Rhino Laces $20 on Amazon

Nothing more annoying than the laces on your hiking boots breaking when you're in the great outdoors.

6 Timex Men's T499059J Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

By Timex $55 on Amazon

A timepiece that certainly looks the part.

7 Canvas DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag Backpack Rucksack Bag with Waterproof Cover

By Koolertron $49 on Amazon

Just what's needed. A durable rucksack that is designed to keep your camera safe too.

8 Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

By Boosted $1300 on Amazon

Marty McFly eat your heart out.

9 Titanium Spork

By Light my Fire $11 on Amazon

Compact and dual purpose. The way gadgets and tools for adventurers should be.

10 Adventure Stainless Steel Flask, Hammertone Green

By Stanley $18 on Amazon

The flat style is great for packing. Comes in other colors.

11 RebarMulti-Tool, Black

By Leatherman $60 on Amazon

A variation on the Swiss Army Knife.

12 Baja Dry Bag 20

By SealLine $20 on Amazon

Keeps the adventuer's clothes clean and dry in all weather situations and all environments.

13 Titanium 450ml Cup

By TOAKS $20 on Amazon

The handles fold back against the cup body meaning it takes up less space in a rucksack.

14 Captain's Brass - Leather Spyglass Telescope

By Handcrafted Model Ships $20 on Amazon

Makes a nice alternative to binoculars.

15 Travel Gear All Terrain Money Belt

By Eagle Creek $20 on Amazon

Anyone heading off on an adventure needs somewhere safe and secure to store their cash.

16 "Jerry" 20 Liter Steel Fuel Cans

By Nato $80 on Amazon

Driving across Monument Valley or the Atacama Desert? No self-respecting journeyman would head off without a spare can of fuel.

17 Universal Waterproof IPhone Case

By wildtek $12 on Amazon

It's an absolute must to keep that precious phone safe. This nifty little case is one of the great little stocking fillers for adventurers.

18 Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

By Gerber Blades $13 on Amazon

Another useful item that is made better by its compact design.

19 Men's Hiking Medium Crew Sock

By SmartWool $19 on Amazon

It's pointless having great hiking boots if they aren't paired with great socks.

20 Essentials 8x21 Binocular

By Tasco $13 on Amazon

Not for the serious bird watcher or star gazer but they're handy to slip into a ruck sack or hiking pack.

21 Wildlife Hatchet

By Gransfors Bruks $140 on Amazon

Caught in the woods and need to make a fire? No worries if you packed a handy hatchet.

22 Pocket Journal

By Rite In The Rain $8 on Amazon

A notebook that suffers through all weathers.

23 One Man Tent

By Poler $180 on Amazon

The lone adventurer must be able to rely on their tent.

24 Classic 70 Oz Hydration Pack

By CamelBak $97 on Amazon

Hands-free hydration for the runner, climber, or biker.

25 Floating Knife

By BaladГ©o $25 on Amazon

The must have knife for anyone who loves time on their boat.

26 TraiLogic SB20 3 Season 800 Fill Dri down Sleeping Bag

By Kelty $295 on Amazon

Serious adventurers need a serious sleeping bag. This is one serious sleeping bag.

27 Change Mat/ Wet Bag

By FCS $29 on Amazon

Makes getting changed more comfortable and when the wet clothes are off, just cinch the bag together. It's a wet bag as well as a changing mat.

28 Forerunner 620 - Black/Blue Bundle

By Garmin $225 on Amazon

An advanced GPS watch that any runner would be pleased to receive as a gift.

29 Polaris Baseplate Compass

By Silva $18 on Amazon

Using a compass is a test of skill. Much more so than using GPS on a phone.

30 Voyager Trek Solar/Crank Weather Radio with 5-LED Flashlight

By Kaito $30 on Amazon

For the adventurer who knows the importance of being prepared for weather changes. It's a handy charger for devices too, ohb and it's a flashlight.

31 Sherpa Sunglasses (w/ Spectron 3 Lenses)

By Julbo $31 on Amazon

A must have gift for mountain climbers. The shades with their side shields offer maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight.

32 No. 1 Kettle

By Snow Peak $28 on Amazon

Thanks to the fold back handles takes up less room than other pans. Also has a handy top handle so can be hung over flames as well as put on stoves.

33 Crux Lightweight Backpacking and Camping Stove

By Optimus $42 on Amazon

Not lugging heavy equipment is always a bonus.

34 Thermite Versipack, Foliage Green

By Maxpedition $53 on Amazon

Made from heavy duty tactical nylon, this will keep valuables safe and at hand.

35 Utility Water Bottle 24oz

By Stanley $24 on Amazon

Lightweight, heavy duty and big capacity. Everything an adventurer wants in a water bottle.

36 The Original Luna W/MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) Footbed and Secure ATS (All Terrain Strapping) Laces - Size 4

By Luna Sandals $80 on Amazon

There are times feet need to be free of the confines of hiking boots.

37 Windproof Lighter, Shiny Aluminum

By Windmill $43 on Amazon

Ideal for lighting fires and stoves on blowy mountaintops and in windy valleys.

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