8 Practical Ways to Support Animal Rights ...


I know that these practical ways to support animal rights are not going to find favor with everyone but, the actions listed here are not extreme and do not involve violence or abuse. They are, exactly as titled, practical ways to support animal rights that animal lovers can action on an individual basis without causing offence to anyone else’s views.

1. Adopt an Animal

You may not consider this one of the productive ways to support animal rights. After all--how can getting a new pet really help support animal rights? We all know that thousands of pets are bought from stores and given up within a few months, so wouldn’t it be better to stop the problem at the source, instead of just clearing up the mess afterwards? Yes--it would be good if pet shops had very selective protocols over whom they sold pets to, and it would be great if we could teach people about the responsibilities of pet ownership prior to buying.

Adopting an animal supports animal rights when you actually visit a sanctuary. The organization does not have the resources to let every bunny run around free, nor have the dogs out of the cages for more than an hour per day. If you visited a sanctuary and saw rooms full of helpless caged animals, you may change your mind about how much adopting an animal supports their rights.

Supporting animal sanctuaries by adopting their pets also helps to keep them open and running. It also stops them having to instigate a euthanasia program. Believe it or not--the pets at animal sanctuaries are the lucky ones, as they would be neglected if they had not been given up. Without animal sanctuaries those animals would still be being neglected.

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