Photographer's Wife Chases Storms in Stunning Photo Series ...

By Vanessa

Photographer's Wife Chases Storms in Stunning Photo Series ...

Wyoming photographer Nicolaus Wegner takes nature photography to the next level with this incredible set of photos. His wife, Daow, poses in front of some pretty menacing storms and the result is breathtaking.

Daow opened up to ABC about the photos: "I'm a little nervous sometimes, but I find the experience exciting and scary at the same time," she said. "Life is short so I try to enjoy the moment." Check it out:

1 Rainbow


2 Just... Wow

Just... Wow

3 Open Road

Open Road

4 Dark Skies

Dark Skies

5 Meadow


6 Overlook


7 Rainbow: Take 2

Rainbow: Take 2

8 Angry Skies

Angry Skies

9 From a Distance

From a Distance Which photo is your favorite? To see the rest of Nicolaus' photos, check out

Photo credit: Nicolaus Wegner/Caters News Agency

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Just... Wow

No words. Unbelievable!! And great photography!!

these are beautiful shots!

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