7 Personalized Birthday Presents for Your Best Friend ...

Personalized birthday presents always add a nice touch to the festivities, but if you’re like me, you spend so much time fretting about what to get that you’re rushed by the time of their birthday. Now I like to keep some ideas in mind, and then specialize them based on my friend. That’s the most important thing, getting them something you can see them with! Personalized birthday presents are meant to be meaningful, not just something you can pick up last minute.

1. HandMade Gifts

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If you like to knit, crochet, sew, or make things by hand, then why not? Handmade gifts make great personalized birthday presents because they take time to make. Your best friend will love it because she’ll know how much time you put into it. Consider knitting a blanket, or sew a bag for her. Make sure it’s in a color she likes. That small detail will make her smile because she’ll know you’ve been listening.

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