7 People You Need besides a Man in Your Life ...


It's funny how we place so much importance on having a romantic relationship. Expecting just one person to fulfill so many roles is perhaps a bit too much! Having a man in your life is fun, but they are not the only person you need. These are the people you should have in your life …

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The Wise Older Woman

Every girl needs a wise older woman in her life. She could be your aunt, neighbor, friend or grandmother - someone who's lived and knows a lot about life. She can advise you on any problems you experience, because she's been there already. Nothing shocks her - she's seen it all before. She's tough, funny, and experienced, so look to her for advice on anything.


The Friend Who Tells It How It is

We also need a friend who will tell us the truth, rather than what we want to hear. They're blunt and straightforward, and can often see things much more clearly than we can. Their honesty can be brutal at times, but they can always be relied on to tell the truth.


The Mentor

A mentor is also a very useful person to have in your life. This could be someone who can teach you any practical skills you haven't yet acquired, such as how to fix things in the home. Or they can advise you on work and career matters. Mentors are happy to share their knowledge and help you progress. They're invaluable for business and life skills.


The Older Relative

You need at least one older relative who can tell you all about your family history. They'll remember your mom or dad as a youngster, and can relate countless fascinating anecdotes. If you've never thought that there was anything interesting about your family history, you need to talk to this older relative - you'll be surprised at how many stories they can tell you.


The One Who Knows How to Listen

Sometimes you really need someone to talk to and confide in. They don't always have to come up with the answers; just having someone listen can make you feel better. Having a friend in your life who knows how to listen without judging or offering well-meaning but unwanted advice can make all the difference when you're going through a tough time.


The Person Who Makes You Laugh

You also need someone who makes you laugh. They just have that gift of being able to raise your spirits when you're down, and share your weird sense of humor. When you're with them, you forget your troubles and find your sense of humor again. Laughter is so good for you, so get giggling with that unique friend.


The Person Who 'Gets' You

Finally, we all need someone who 'gets' us and understands exactly what makes us tick. They never try to change us, because they love and appreciate us for the unique person we are. They're never confused by us, since we make perfect sense to them. Being accepted for who we are is wonderful.

So rather than expecting one person to fulfill all these roles, appreciate all the different people in your life for their different roles. Together they make up the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. How many people are essential in your life?

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