Pens up for Letter Writing Day! ...


When's the last time you sat down, picked up a pen, and wrote a letter to someone? I'm not talking about writing an email, shooting off a text, or sending a Snapchat. I'm talking about proper letter writing, the kind we're celebrating today, because December 7 is Letter Writing Day!

There's only so much you can share in 140 characters or less. Even if you spend a lot of time crafting status updates and Tumblr entries, it's just not the same. Taking the time to put your thoughts, feelings, and questions to paper means so much more. If you have a pen pal, a bestie who lives far away, or a relative you love but haven't seen in a while, take half an hour out of your day and write a letter. Maybe you'll become a trendsetter and help turn the tides of communication! Even if letter writing doesn't replace texting, you'll definitely make someone's day if you participate in Letter Writing Day. Just make sure you've got plenty of stamps!

Who's going to receive a letter from you?

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