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Patchwork Street Style You Need to Try This Summer ...


Shrug off those coats and dust off those shorts as summer is finally here! Now that lockdown is slowly being eased and we can finally enjoy the sunshine there has never been a better time for women to embrace new trends and fun summer colors. One huge fashion trend that you simply can't ignore this summer is the patchwork street style that is fun and suitable for everyone. If you're wondering how you can rock the patchwork look this summer then carry on reading as we share some inspirational ideas with you. Just remember to have fun with this look.

1 The Patchwork Bag

If you are a little unsure about where to start with this trend then a good place to begin is with buying a new bag. The patchwork bag is going to be a big hit this summer, especially the large tote and beach bag. Choose one made from denim that is covered in bright patchwork blocks. You can also choose large bags that are made entirely from patchwork pieces. The great news is that this bag can be worn with any outfit and used day or night.

2 Colorful Scarves and Hats

When starting out on this trend you may be a little cautious and that's OK. A good way to start is by accessorizing your outfit with a colorful patchwork scarf. A large scarf can double up as a protective shawl and headscarf for when the weather warms up. Smaller scarfs can be used to tie up hair or used as decorative belts in those skinny jeans. When it comes to head-wear opt for a wide-brimmed patchwork hat.


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3 Patches on Jeans

Every woman has to own a pair of skinny jeans, right? Well, now you can embrace the patchwork trend by simply buying a pair of your favorite jeans that are emblazoned with colorful and cute patches. Some have patchwork pockets, others have patchwork detailing to the knees and hems. There is also the option to go bold with full-blown patchwork jeans. Simply wear these jeans with a plain white t-shirt and a super comfy pair of trainers when out and about with friends.

4 The Summer Dress

There is so much choice when it comes to wearing that summer dress. The patchwork design seems to have been made for those long, floating maxi dresses. These dresses feature a mix and match approach to patchwork design that gives the dress a bold yet feminine look. These dresses look fantastic when teamed with simple flats and a cute jacket. Come evening, swap the maxi dress for a fitted dress that showcases a bold patchwork pattern in blocks of color.

5 Trainers

No summer wardrobe is complete without a fun pair of trainers. After all, trainers can be worn with pretty much any outfit. You can choose from a pair of plain white trainers that have a patchwork design on the side, to those trainers that incorporate a full patchwork design. Go multicolored to team with any outfit, from skinny jeans through to that cute summer dress.

6 Denim Jackets

The denim jacket can be seen every summer, but this time it features patchwork design in a big way. Cropped denim jackets have super cute patchwork detailing to the hem, cuffs, and pockets. Other jackets appear to be made from patchwork pieces that have been sewn together. Long gone are the days of the simple blue denim jacket as you can choose from cute pastel shades, or black denim with bold patchwork prints.

7 Cute Shirts

Summer was made for that cool cotton shirt and the patchwork style lends itself nicely to this style. The short-sleeved cotton shirt in a combination of blue patches looks fantastic when tucked into a pair of ripped denim shorts. The patchwork shirt can also be teamed with a white maxi dress or pair of skinny jeans. The pink patchwork shirt is also big this summer and works well with white and baby blue accessories.

8 Patchwork Pants

If you prefer long flowing skirts to shorts then why not opt for a pair of baggy patchwork pants. This is a fun and practical look that not only makes a statement but will keep you cool. Just remember to team this look with neutral colors to really make these pants stand out from the crowd.

There are so many ways that you can wear this patchwork trend. Go big with full-on patchwork layering or just choose those simple accessories. Rock that patchwork look your own way this summer!

For more ideas on how to up your style game, make sure to stop by Lady Popular Style where you will find many more combinations and ideas for your new summer look.

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