Crazy 😜 Cool Facts about Trees 🌲 You'll Wish ✨ You Knew Sooner 😁 ...


Trees don't get that much attention from us (well, maybe except for activists). Other than photosynthesis, which we know is so useful, they don't do much, do they? They just sit there looking pretty, letting squirrels walk all over them. Well, if you look closer, you'll see trees can get much weirder than you could ever imagine. Just check out these freaky things they can do!

1. They Can Talk to Each Other

There are certain species of trees that are able to warn their buddies when they're being attacked by insects! Researchers have been studying this phenomenon since 1970 and discovered that, when under siege by insects, these trees will produce an excess of chemicals through their leaves. These chemicals have the role of warning the "neighbors" of the danger they're in, as well as of reducing the leaves' nutritional value, making them less tempting for the invaders. When noticing the warning, the neighboring trees will begin to produce those chemicals as well, protecting themselves.

They Can Feed Each Other
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