7 of the Worst Things about Being a 2nd Semester Senior in College ...

Graduation is coming up fast and it is finally hitting me that there are a ton of terrible things about being a second semester senior year. Being a second semester senior means being at a crossroads in your life and having to figure out whom, and where, you want to be in life. It can intimidating, but after you tackle these worst things about it, it won’t be too bad.

1. The Questions

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If there is one thing I hate about being a second semester senior, it is how often people ask me about what I am doing after graduation. Regardless of whether you know what you are doing yet or not, it can still be annoying to answer the same question over and over again.

2. The Job Hunt

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The job hunt consists mostly of tons of resumes and cover letters being sent to HR departments that will never email you back. The job hunt also relies a lot on networking, which can be tricky at times. It’s a hard truth to face, but it is the reality. But keep your hopes us, eventually something will work out for you. The best thing to do is keep putting yourself out there and try to start your career.

3. The Uncertainty

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For the past 22 years of your life, you have known where you would be living the next year, and suddenly that feeling is gone. It is hard to deal with the fact that you will be out n your own, but it is something all second semester seniors have to deal with. You are not alone in your uncertainty, and you will figure out your life soon enough.

4. The Memories

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Every time I sit at a bar with my friends, I think about how these are the memories I am going to have for the rest of my life. It is so hard to not get nostalgic and think about all of the experiences I have had for the past few years.

5. The Schoolwork

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Once you hit second semester senior year, college work just seems so trivial. How can teachers possibly expect you to write papers and take exams when you are trying to enjoy the rest of your college career? It just seems to get in the way of you have fun.

6. Feeling so Old

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I walk around campus and I look at all of the freshman, I feel like a senior citizen. Did we all look that young when we were freshman? They just seem so small and get excited over the littlest things. Second semester senior year finally sinks in and you finally realize that you are growing up, and fast. All the underclassmen get so excited about going out every night, and you are perfectly fine staying in with a glass of wine and binge watching Netflix, and that is totally okay.

7. It is All Coming to an End

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This may be the worst thing of them all. Your college career is coming to and end. No more all-nighters, no more frat parties, no more living on a college campus with your best friends. Your life will drastically change after college, and that is terrifying. Make the most of the time you have left, because no other time in your life will be just like college.

The second semester of your senior year is a time where you are caught between being an adult, and not wanting to let go of your college life. It can be a hard time but we all have to go through it. Do you agree with these worst things about second semester senior year? What are some other hard things to deal with during your second semester senior year? Are you more excited to graduate or more sad that you are leaving college?

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