29 of the Simplest Ways to Help the Environment ...

The ways to help the environment are not hard and anyone can do them. And really, everyone should be doing them. The simplest ways to help the environment may mean a small lifestyle change for you but they are a big change in the health of our planet when we all do them. It still amazes me that we even have to be told or think about ways to help the environment – we live in such a throwaway world, and we literally are throwing away our world by not respecting its health.

1. Start Cycling

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One of the best ways to help the environment is to scale back car use and instead use bicycles. It seems people in the United States have already understood the importance of cycling, and perhaps that's the reason why the number of cyclists has increased significantly in the past few years. Some feel people are moving towards bicycles due to snazzy accessories that manufacturers have made available, but whatever the case, it's helping the environment.

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