Spotting the Friendliest Sharks in the Sea ...

Some of the friendliest shark species do exist and while nobody wants to brush up against a fin in the ocean, the media does a poor job of portraying these fish, for there are actually some friendly sharks out there. What’s amazing to me is that the ancient fossils found date these amazing fish back to 420 million years ago, and since then, they’ve diversified into approximately 470 species! There have to be some friendly shark species in that number, right? I’ve found 7 of the friendliest shark species that really pose no danger to humans or divers to prove it!

1. Leopard Shark

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One of the friendliest shark species I’ve actually seen resides off the coast of California, which happens to be where I live. The dotted pattern is what gives them their name. They are harmless and relatively small in size, measuring 5 feet long. Schools of them can be spotted swimming the Pacific coastline, as far north as Oregon and as far south as Mexico. They favor sandy, muddy flats and they swim really close to the bottom of the ocean floor, where they forage for food. They come alive at night, so you’re more likely to find them lying passively still, if you’re ever swimming during the day in the La Jolla cove!

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