8 of the Best Bookshops in the World ...

We all love to get a good book to take with us on holiday. We start reading it on the plane to while away the often mundane hours of flying to your destination. Very often a little ways into the holiday we find we have read it from cover to cover under the shade of parasol by the pool. The next port of call is the closest bookshop to treat ourselves to another intriguing novel to read while lounging in the sunshine. Here is a list of 8 of the best bookshops in the world.

1. Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France

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First opened in 1951, this amazing bookstore was the brainchild of an American and he aptly named it Shakespeare & Company. Situated in the Latin Quarter very close to Notre Dame this lovely little bookshop’s shelves are packed with literary delights. From paperbacks to hard back copies of some very interesting reading and all in a setting that makes it a pleasure to browse the shelves in search of a treasure.

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