7 New Tips for Great Presentations ...

By Kati

7 New Tips for Great Presentations ...

Do you know any tips for great presentations? If you’d asked me just a few weeks ago, I’d have said no. It doesn’t matter what I’m talking about or whom to, I’d be feeling nervous and giving anything but 100%. And that habit of talking really fast without breathing to get it over with? I must have expert status for that now. Until I found these tips, that is. Read through them and give them a try. These are the tips for great presentations that will boost your marks and your confidence!

Table of contents:

  1. know everything
  2. visualise
  3. message over medium
  4. check your stance
  5. smile
  6. watch your presentation
  7. tell simple stories

1 Know Everything

Okay, so it’s not too realistic to become a genius before you start a presentation, but the three Knows are definitely some of the best tips for great presentations. First, know your room. Arrive early and stroll round, so you are familiar with where you will be presenting. Next, know your people. Say hi to your guests as they arrive. It might feel nerve-wracking, but it’s much easier to speak to a group of acquaintances than a room full of strangers. Finally, know your speech. Rehearse until you’re comfortable with what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

2 Visualise

Before you start speaking, visualise yourself giving the presentation. It might feel stupid but it really works! In your vision, you should give a great speech. Speak with your voice being loud, clear and assured. Visualise it ending well and feeling successful. You’ll be mentally prepared and pull off a much better presentation.

3 Message over Medium

Rather than focusing your mind on your presentation and how you’re doing, think about the message that you are giving. The thing you are talking about. You’ll come across as a lot more passionate and interested, and give yourself an expert status as well. You’ll also make fewer mistakes because you won’t be as flustered. Win.

4 Check Your Stance

I’m really bad for shuffling while I’m talking. I even flap my hands around when I get excited. When you’re presenting, though, you want your audience to be thinking about your message, not your movements. Be aware of your body. Are you fidgeting from one foot to the other, crossing and uncrossing your legs or stepping backwards a lot? Try to keep it under control.

5 Smile

Everyone knows you’re nervous. Presenting is nerve-wracking! Make sure you’re smiling, though, and make an effort to make eye-contact with people. Practice meeting your audience's eye while rehearsing and it’ll feel a lot more normal in the big presentation. If you come across as warm and friendly, your audience will relax, too.

6 Watch Your Presentation

Using Powerpoint? You’re not the only one – 350 Powerpoint presentations are given every second across the world. They aren’t that effective, though. Immediately after a ten minute presentation, only 50% of the facts can be recalled. By the next day, only 23% is retained, and 7 days later, just 10%. The human mind isn’t limitless, and it can only hold on to between three and seven points. Aim for three and you’ll stay memorable.

7 Tell Simple Stories

Another of the best tips for great presentations is to revisit your entire plan and remove any jargon, buzzwords, complexity and confusion. Yep, really. Next, look through for anywhere that you can add in stories and analogies, or a really good, relevant image. These things will make your presentation seem realistic, as well as helping it to flow naturally, and increasing retention by up to 65%.

Don’t forget the most common tips for great presentations, either – take a deep breath and keep your talking speed in check. You’ll do fine, and it’ll be over before you know it. You can do it! Do you know any tips for great presentations? I’d love to hear them!

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