7 New Species We Were Introduced to in 2014 ...


Science has discovered around 2 million types of microbes, plants, and animals on Earth, but researchers state that there must be millions of new species still waiting to be uncovered. While the most common discoveries are usually tiny insects, there are many interesting beings we're happy to finally meet. Check out these amazing new species we were introduced to in 2014!

1. The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog

The Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog

The existence of the Atlantic Coast leopard frog (Rana Kauffeldi) as a distinct species was finally confirmed this year, more than 70 years after it was first dismissed. In 1937, ecologist Carl Kauffeld claimed that this tiny fella existed, but the scientific community disagreed, saying it's just another leopard frog, not a new species. In 2014, modern tools finally confirmed that this creature is indeed a new amphibian. What's intriguing about Rana Kauffeldi is that, instead of the usual croaking, it makes a coughing sound! Imagine strolling around a lake and suddenly hearing coughing sounds coming from the water! Spooky!

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