9 Natural Laws of the Mind and How to Apply Them to Your Life ...


The natural laws of the mind are there whether you are conscious of them or not. To fully embrace life and live, you must master these natural laws of the mind. Your mind can become your best friend or worst enemy…it’s up to you to choose which hunger to feed.

1. You Get What You Think

One of the most powerful natural laws of the mind is that you get what you think. You know the saying, “you are what you eat,” which you probably heard a million times growing up? Well, whoever came up with that one was not too far off from a very important law of the mind. The Law of Attraction states that the mind controls what happens in your every day life. The subconscious mind will respond only to mental images. To change your life, you must apply this law by changing your every day thoughts.

Every Thought Causes a Reaction