My Favourite 7 Fabulous Buildings ...

I am absolutely no way an expert in architecture but I can appreciate a fine building, as you will see by viewing some of my favourite fabulous buildings. Architecture, like anything else that stirs emotions like art, music and literature. is a very personal thing and what may be one woman’s meat is another woman’s poison. I happen to think that, unlike a work of art that you can actually appreciate from a photograph to fall in love, with an example of architecture you need to have visited it. Part of the appeal may be the size or the grounds in which it was set and you just can’t get the atmosphere from a photograph. My list is therefore limited to places I’ve been to but here are my favourite 7 fabulous buildings.

1. King’s College, Cambridge University, England

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Photo Credit: Hertsman

One of Cambridge’s 31 colleges, Kings was founded by Henry VI in 1441. The buildings all have different ages but it’s the Gothic perpendicular of the chapel that I always admire the most. That's one of the main reasons why this is one of my favourite fabulous buildings.

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