11. No Gossiping

You can't turn on the TV, your computer, phone or open up a magazine without celebrity gossip being practically thrown in your face. While it might be entertaining to read about the latest celebrity breakup, gossiping is bad manners. Gossiping about co-workers, neighbors or frienemies can hurt relationships both personally and professionally so it's best not to engage in it. It can be fun, but honestly, the people you gossip to might eventually lose trust in you and it can make you appear petty.

These manners might seem outdated or a little uptight, so don’t look at them as rules, but more of a courtesy to other people. You’re not supposed to be perfect by any means, but these rules will help you offer a great first impression each time you use them. Others will be reminded that you have true grace when it comes to etiquette skills and that you have social class. I can tell you that this is one quality that will make you stand out above the crowd and in the minds of others for a long time to come. It also helps you be more confident around others, believe it or not. What is the one manner than you try to abide by?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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