10 Mothers Day Gifts under 15 Your Mom is Sure to Love ...

By Kristina

10 Mothers  Day Gifts  under 15  Your Mom is Sure  to Love  ...

Are you looking for Mother's Day gifts under $15? The day is quickly approaching. In case you forgot, it falls on May 13th this year. Not sure what to get Mom? Here are 10 Mother's Day gifts under $15 that she’s sure to love.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Skin so Soft: Soft & Sensual Gift Set
  2. 2. Fun Socks
  3. 3. Coffee Mug
  4. 4. Boss Lady Tee
  5. 5. Mom Fuel Tee
  6. 6. Best Mom Tee
  7. 7. Pampered Mom Slippers
  8. 8. Best Mom Candle
  9. 9. Manicure Tool
  10. 10. Seaside Garden Trinket Box

1 Skin so Soft: Soft & Sensual Gift Set

product, product, perfume, lotion, liquid, Purchase at: avon4.me
This limited edition 3-piece set features creamy body wash, body lotion, and replenishing hand cream.

2 Fun Socks

pink, sock, product, product, magenta, Purchase at: avon4.me
These grays socks have pink trim at the toes and heels, and feature the words “Get It Yourself” on the bottoms.

3 Coffee Mug

mug, cup, text, cup, coffee cup, Purchase at: avon4.me
This 12 oz. mug is funny because it’s true. It features measurements of” “shhhh,” “not quite,” “still no,” and “ok talk.” Works great for hot tea, too.

4 Boss Lady Tee

t shirt, black, product, sleeve, product, Purchase at: avon4.me
This black graphic tee features “Boss Lady” on the front to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

5 Mom Fuel Tee

clothing, t shirt, pink, product, product, Purchase at: avon4.me
This pink graphic tee features a to-go coffee cup with the words “Mom Fuel” on it. Let’s face it, no mom can get through her hectic day without a little coffee.

6 Best Mom Tee

t shirt, clothing, white, pink, text, Purchase at: avon4.me
Let’s face it, moms are rock stars. They do everything for us, and this graphic tee honors the woman in your life who wears so many hats. Features the words: “Best Shopper, Nurse, Worrier, Ruler, Mom.”

7 Pampered Mom Slippers

footwear, shoe, product, slipper, outdoor shoe, Purchase at: avon4.me
Mom deserves to rest her feet in these adorable fuzzy black slippers that feature a crisscross design and a bit of sparkle.

8 Best Mom Candle

product, flavor, product design, product, Purchase at: avon4.me
Help mom relax with this amazing cotton and rose scented candle. This 3-wick candle provides 30 hours of tranquility.

9 Manicure Tool

product, product, hardware, product design, Purchase at: avon4.me
This battery-operated nail tool features 5 attachments and comes with instructions on how to shape and contour, buff to a high shine, smooth, and shape Mom’s nails.

10 Seaside Garden Trinket Box

product, product, blue and white porcelain, product design, porcelain, Purchase at: avon4.me
Part of the new Seaside Garden collection, this ceramic trinket box is perfect for keeping your jewelry when you wash your hands or the dishes. It’s so pretty, your mom may just want to delight her guests with its charm.

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