7 Most Productive Places Where You Will Get Your Work Done ...

In order to properly absorb information and study for a test, you must first narrow down your list of the most productive places in which you seem to function best. Places of productivity differ for everyone. While some tend to like noisy areas, other people have to go for quiet environments where you can hear a pin drop. However if you are not sure what type of person you are, go down the list of these most productive places before your upcoming exam!

1. Starbucks

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Believe it or not, but Starbucks is one of the most productive places! I have spent some of the most efficient study sessions of my life there. Although it is quite noisy, eventually you tend to learn to block out the chatter and focus on what you are reading. Not to mention they have some of the most comfortable chairs and free Wi-Fi! Also it seems like Starbucks has the nicest staff in the world, so they won’t bother you about staying there too long!

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