7 Most Festive St. Patrick's Day Accessories ...


7 Most Festive St. Patrick's Day Accessories ...
7 Most Festive St. Patrick's Day Accessories ...

Every time March rolls around, I notice stores stocking the craziest, most outrageous St. Patrick’s Day accessories. Every St. Patrick’s Day, people seem to go all out with green body paint, crazy hats and more! If you love St. Patrick’s Day and want to stand out this holiday, it’s a must that you check out these seven most festive St. Patrick’s Day accessories!

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Green Body Paint

This is definitely one of the most common St. Patrick's Day accessories. Using green body paint as an accessory can really take your outfit over the top, especially if you decide to paint more than just a shamrock on your arm. Try painting your entire face green for a crazy St. Patrick's Day look! Or if you’re really adventurous, paint your entire body green (or just your arms and legs!).


Vehicle Costumes

Decorate your car for St. Patrick’s Day by decking it out with shamrocks. Similar to decorating your car to look like a reindeer for the Christmas season, these costumes turn your car into one, large St. Patrick’s Day accessory! Show off your Irish pride in the biggest fashion possible by decorating your vehicle with tons of green and St. Patrick’s Day décor!


Full Body Costumes

Dressing yourself up in St. Patrick’s Day garb may sound fairly tame, but putting on a whole costume is over the top and definitely festive! If you’re looking to celebrate the holiday in the craziest way possible, purchasing a full body costume is the way to go! You can even dress up as a leprechaun!


Beer Mug Hats

Hats that look like beer mugs are all the rage right now. Why not wear your love for beer this holiday? The bigger the size, the better! These types of hats are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations! Make sure to pick up one if you want to look festive for the holiday, but not completely over the top!


Head Boppers

Similar to hats, these head boppers are simply head bands with bobbling shamrocks on the top. They’re the perfect St. Patrick's Day hair accessory! If you combine head boppers with other green accessories, you’ll be able to create an awesome St. Patrick’s Day outfit on a budget.


Green Wigs

If you’re fond of wigs, grab yourself a green-colored one for the holiday. Not only will you feel the St. Patrick’s Day flair, but look the part too! Combine your wig with a head bopper and you have the perfect look!


Shamrock Slotted Sunglasses

The last accessory on my list is shamrock slotted sunglasses. These sunglasses are not your typical pair of shades. They’re larger than normal sunglasses and shamrock shaped, so they’ll definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Basically, anything more than a typical green shamrock necklace or a green shirt can be considered festive or out of the norm. Combining multiple accessories can also give you a crazy St. Patrick’s Day look. Try piling up various green accessories or one enormous accessory to really make a celebratory impact. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Will you be dressing up for the holiday? If so, will you be wearing any of these accessories? Or do you have other St. Patrick's Day accessories in mind? Do share! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, ladies!

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Green temp hair spray. I use it to put in streaks just for that day

Target has everything for st pats days . Hats, necklaces , face paint , glasses, socks ect

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