7 Most Fascinating and Educational YouTube Channels You Can't Miss ...

Although the crux of YouTube is entertainment, it can also be used as a great resource of information due to the fortunate existence of educational YouTube channels. Throughout my high school years, searching for information for upcoming exams was crucial and I was coerced to use anything I could find to my benefit. That is how I stumbled upon many educational YouTube channels that are both entertaining and useful!


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AsapSCIENCE may actually be one of my favorite educational YouTube channels; it’s fun, informative and eye-opening! The content on this channel answers some of the most basic questions in a fascinating manner. Some of the videos discuss topics such as heartbreak, the act of crying, brain tricks and even power of thought. However don’t worry about falling asleep while soaking up valuable information because the format of the videos is really uplifting and engaging, it’s almost like you are watching a cartoon!

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