7 Most Fabulous Lifestyle Magazines for Women ...


7 Most Fabulous Lifestyle Magazines for Women ...
7 Most Fabulous Lifestyle Magazines for Women ...

I’m not picky about magazines, and I’ll read (almost) any of them, but there are some of the best lifestyle magazines out there that I’d have to say I enjoy the most. I always look forward to seeing these magazines pop up in my mailbox each month. Lifestyle magazines are full of great tips for women of any age, which is one of my favorite things about them. I started reading them at age 18, when I started being interested in more than just boys and clothes. They’re full of cooking tips, budgeting tips, shopping tips, job tips, inspirational stories, and even coupons. Gotta love that, right? Plus most of them have some pretty great contests and sweepstakes you can enter, and I’ve even won a couple myself! Lifestyle magazines are a nice alternative to fashion magazines, or health and fitness magazines, which I love but don’t want to read 24/7. Sometimes, I want a little something else to ponder on, like lifestyle tips and homemaking skills. Check out my picks for the best lifestyle magazines, and pick up one of these today if you’re not already a subscriber.

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Real Simple

Hands down, my favorite of all the best lifestyle magazines out there is Real Simple. A true classic, in my opinion, and each edition always gets read once or twice. Owned by the Martha Stewart enterprise, it’s full of classic lifestyle, shopping, budgeting, cooking, and basic living tips. The editor always writes a humorous yet inspirational piece as well. Real Simple is also always guaranteed to have a timeless, beautiful cover, making me want to put it on display on the coffee table or nightstand every single month.

Subscribe here: realsimple.com


O Magazine

Love her or hate her, Oprah’s got one of the best lifestyle magazines for women. I personally love O Magazine because it has a good bit of inspirational advice in it, and I’m particularly fond of her health tips too, which are from Dr. Oz himself.

Subscribe here: oprah.com


Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

If you’re into home and gardening, along with good food, this magazine is one to put on your list! Better Homes and Gardens is a classic lifestyle magazine to own. It’s geared more towards those into decorating, cooking, and gardening, but it’s overall a great magazine for any woman.

Subscribe here: bhg.com.


First for Women

First was a newer magazine to me in my twenties. I didn’t grow up hearing about it, but as I got older, it became one of my favorites. This magazine is chock full of great tips for women! In fact, it’s so packed with info that it takes longer to read than most others, which I actually enjoy! The tips are so helpful and there’s always new information I don’t see anywhere else.

Subscribe here: firstforwomen.com.


Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day magazine is a magazine I love when I want a lot of great info in a really short read. It’s full of fashion, budget, cooking, and shopping tips, along with some great recipes. A timeless classic, Woman’s Day should be a magazine every woman subscribes to as soon as she hits 20 years old.

Subscribe here: womansday.com


Redbook Magazine

Another timeless read, Redbook magazine is a fabulous magazine that caters to a woman’s everyday lifestyle. It has fashion tips, lifestyle tips, budget tips, and recipes for women of ages 20 or older. One of my personal favorite things about this magazine is the fun fashion savings you can find!

Subscribe here: redbookmag.com.


All You

Hands down, one of my favorite magazines for coupons is All You. Brought to readers by Walmart, this magazine is not an advertisement for the super center, but is chock full of coupons you can use anywhere. They also have a fabulous recipe section, fashion section, and great career and lifestyle tips. Plus, their cover is always too cute for words!

Subscribe here: allyou.com

These are by no means the only magazines I read. As a writer and reader, they’re a guilty pleasure for me. I’m embarrassed to tell you how many I actually subscribe to, but these are my top lifestyle magazines that get read pretty quickly once they hit my mailbox. What’s your favorite lifestyle magazine, or other magazine you like?

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