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8 Most Common Paranormal Experiences ...

By Olivia

If you have ever watched television shows about ghosts and hauntings, I am sure you have noticed many common paranormal experiences amongst those who claim to have experienced the paranormal. Many people do not believe in the paranormal or in ghosts, however, there are also many people who would bet their lives that there is another realm besides the one we are living in. While some of the incidents people claim to have experienced involving the paranormal seem quite bizarre, I have compiled a list of a few common paranormal experiences shared amongst those who do, in fact, believe they have come into contact with ghosts!

1 Temperature Drops

One of the most common paranormal experiences people tell of is temperature drops. Many people claim that they feel a distinct chill in certain rooms of a house or in particular areas, with no draft to be found. How creepy is that?

2 The Feeling of a Presence

Those who have experienced hauntings also tend to claim to sense a presence when, in fact, no one is in the room with them. I often wonder what this sense feels like, but how creepy would it be to think someone is watching you when no one is actually there?

3 Pets Behaving Strangely

Another thing many people experience is noticing that their pets start acting differently. Dogs have been known to bark at open spaces and shake uncontrollably or become withdrawn, and cats have been known to get very jumpy. Isn’t it odd that pets may be able to sense things we can’t? Spooky.

4 Lights Turning on and off

Some people have said that they notice lights flickering or turning on and off at random times in their home. When electrical problems are checked and addressed and this still happens, it leaves one to wonder if something paranormal may be the cause of this bizarre occurrence.

5 Doors Opening and Closing

Those who claim to have experienced paranormal phenomena sometimes say that they find that their doors open and close without explanation. Could this mean the door is not installed properly or there is a breeze in the room? Possibly. But who knows for sure…

6 Misplaced Objects

In addition to lights flickering and doors opening and closing, many have claimed to find objects misplaced around the house. Sometimes objects that are missing show up in bizarre places, and other times, strange objects just appear in the home. I find this so creepy and strange!

7 Unexplained Noises

Many people claim to hear noises coming from seemingly nowhere. These noises can include whispers, unexplained voices, footsteps, creaking floors, furniture moving, etc. How horribly scary is that?!

8 Apparitions

Lastly, many people claim to see physical accounts of the paranormal from fogs, mists, and shadows, to orbs, and sometimes even to full figured apparitions. This would honestly freak me out enough to move if I saw something that resembled a ghost living in my home!

These paranormal experiences seem so creepy! I’m pretty sure I would move if these things were happening in my home, whether or not I believed it was haunted! Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any of your own experiences with the paranormal? Or what other explanations do you think there could be for these creepy experiences?


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