4 Misconceptions πŸ™… about Feminism ✌️ You Need πŸ‘ to Know πŸ’­ ...


A few months ago I wrote a brief albeit detailed article on what it meant to be a feminist in the present age because I think there are some common misconceptions about feminism that everyone needs to know about. Hours after clutching my heart and hitting the publish button, I received numerous messages, unsurprisingly from girls, congratulating me on having the courage to speak up on a topic that is seen as a taboo in India.

While I was receiving all the positive messages, an old friend, a man, decided to message me. Upon opening the message I was shocked to read what this 24-year old, well-educated man had to say about feminism.

The message accused me of being angry at men although, the article quite clearly discussed how we need to see men as our allies in the struggle for equality and justice. The message told me to not talk about feminism further as that would result in me losing followers because no body wanted a girl ranting about equal rights. After all, a girl is required to be sweet, warm and be ever ready to nod in the affirmative for the man she is trying to hold a debate with. When I replied back telling him thank you, but no thank you for the unsolicited advice, the reply came apologising and accusing his previous girlfriend of portraying a cynical image of feminists in front of him.

It’s been two months since this little incident, but its stayed with me, because it shocks me how well-educated people choose to follow the path of ignorance. It shocks me how ready we are to blame others for our own short-comings.

Over the past few years, the term has gone through massive changes in India and we are still struggling for the people to truly understand what it is. Here are some misconceptions about feminism that you should consider.

1. Feminists do Not Walk around Being Angry at Men and No, We do Not Hate Men

On a number of occasions, I have been accused of championing feminism because I hate men, or am angry at the men in my life, or probably because I’m lesbian. In fact, one of the biggest misconceptions about feminism is that feminists are lesbians. It is funny how readily people think wanting equal rights boils down to the women hating the men. Surprise, surprise, we do not hate men. On the contrary, I’m quite attracted to them. Wanting equal rights for men and women does not make us hate the other gender, it only means we recognise the problems in our society.

Feminism is Not Just for Those in the Western Society
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