7 Masquerade Masks for Men and Women – Elegant Pieces for Every Special Occasion ...

With a history that dates back to the 16th century, masquerade masks are exquisite accessories worn at balls, costume parties, Mardi Gras events and Halloweens. Some of them are attentively crafted and extremely detailed, while others are simpler yet equally intriguing. Because there are so many types of masks available, it’s certainly not that easy to pick one. Are you looking for a particular style? Do you want your mask to feature a certain color? Here are 7 masquerade masks for men and women that fit perfectly for any type of special occasion.

1. The Bauta Mask

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The Bauta mask has a large chin and a square-inch jaw line. There’s no opening for the mouth area as it covers the wearer’s whole face. Heavily gilded or made entirely of a solid material like aluminum, this imposing masquerade mask is suitable for men. Centuries ago, the Bauta was worn at political events where attendees were compelled to hide their identities. If you want to make an impression at a ball or costume party, pairing a Bauta with a sleek, fashionable suit will turn some heads around for sure.

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