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With a history that dates back to the 16th century, masquerade masks are exquisite accessories worn at balls, costume parties, Mardi Gras events and Halloweens. Some of them are attentively crafted and extremely detailed, while others are simpler yet equally intriguing. Because there are so many types of masks available, it’s certainly not that easy to pick one. Are you looking for a particular style? Do you want your mask to feature a certain color? Here are 7 masquerade masks for men and women that fit perfectly for any type of special occasion.

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The Bauta Mask

The Bauta Mask The Bauta mask has a large chin and a square-inch jaw line. There’s no opening for the mouth area as it covers the wearer’s whole face. Heavily gilded or made entirely of a solid material like aluminum, this imposing masquerade mask is suitable for men. Centuries ago, the Bauta was worn at political events where attendees were compelled to hide their identities. If you want to make an impression at a ball or costume party, pairing a Bauta with a sleek, fashionable suit will turn some heads around for sure.



Colombina The Colombina mask is colorful and playful, perfect for women of all age groups. It is a half-mask that debuted in the 17th century, and it is heavily decorated with all sorts of rhinestones and other colorful embellishments. The mask covers the eye area, the nose, and sometimes the cheeks. There are male versions of the mask, although they’re a lot simpler. If you’re attending a costume party or a ball, wearing a Colombina will definitely make your whole outfit stand above the crowd.


Medico Della Peste

Medico Della Peste The Medico della Peste mask comes with a head-to-toe costume. The history of this disguise dates back to the early 18th century when doctors wore such clothing to protect themselves from the plague, a very common airborne disease. Nowadays, the mask is extremely common among men; it can be used at masquerades, and other types of costume parties.


The Volto

The Volto The Volto mask features a simple, linear style that covers the wearer’s whole face. It depicts standard face features like the nose and lips, and it ensures complete anonymity. There are variants for both men and women; predominant colors for this mask are white (for the base) and gold (for the drawings). It’s the ideal disguise if you’re attending an event where you don’t want anyone to recognize you.


The Pantalone

The Pantalone The Pantalone mask has a sizeable pointed nose that look a lot like a beak. The disguise is depicted from a classic Italian character, the Pantalone, which had slanted eyes and an intelligent, witty personality. Suitable for men, the mask is perfect for a masked ball, Mardi Gras party or Halloween.


The Arlecchino

The Arlecchino Also known as the Joker mask, the Arlecchino is an extremely complex type of masquerade mask. It is colorful and fun, although there are creepier types available, too. The mask includes a huge headpiece, arched brows and a short nose. Certain variants of the mask have bells on. The Arlecchino mask originated from another Italian character from Commedia dell’arte and it used to be the more intelligent servant of the Pantalone. Wear it at a funny masquerade event or Halloween and you’ll wow everyone there with your goofy mask.


Gatto Venetian Mask

Gatto Venetian Mask In Italian, Gatto means cat, so the corresponding gatto mask is automatically shaped like a cat’s face. It also comes with additional characteristics, such as pointed ears, button nose, and narrow eyes. Centuries ago, cats were extremely scarce in Venice, and this meant that felines in general were highly appreciated for their rarity. Wear a Gatto Venetian mask a ball or even at a formal mask party paired with a little black dress.

Whether you’re attending a formal masquerade ball or a Halloween party, it’s important to wear the most appropriate masquerade mask. There are hundreds of different models, shapes and types available, which means selecting just one disguise can be challenging. Choose a mask that fits your personality and be bold if you want to make an impression. These elegant accessories are meant to complete any type of outfit, regardless of its level of simplicity.

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