7 Luxury Pet Products for Your Pampered Pet ...

I think we have all seen those crazy luxury pet products, but have you ever thought about buying one? I must admit, I have been pretty tempted to buy some of these super luxe collars, beds and other accessories in the past. If nothing but the best is good enough for your pampered pet or you just like to see the all the extravagant luxury pet products out on the market, you are going to love my picks below!

1. Iron Accents Royal Pet Canopy Bed

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Let me start off this list of luxury pet products with this fancy canopy bed. I do not know about you, but I would love to sleep in a magnificent bed like this one so I think my pet would be just as happy in it. This decorative canopy bed works for a cat or dog and fits a standard size pillow for your pet to perch on. If your pet is a prince or princess in training, this bed is a perfect addition to your pet’s room. Available at ironaccents.com for $190.

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