7 Luxury Cars of 2013 to Complement Your New Job ...

A new job usually means perks and some extra money. Wondering what to spend it on? How about picking one of guest contributor Teddy's favorite luxury cars of 2013?

New job? Awesome! Now that you’ve got the salary, you need the right vehicle to put in the shiny new parking space that has your name on it. Search for a luxury car that suits your personality and offers performance fit for the pickiest motorist. Here are some top picks from 2013.

1. 2013 Tesla Model S

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This hot pick from the innovative Tesla company is «…a vehicle that would meet a BMW owner’s definition of a sports sedan". Depending on the options chosen, a Tesla Model S can blast across the pavement with the equivalent of 416 horsepower, reaching 60mph in 4.2 seconds. The handling, riding, and braking of this car rival that of vehicles from other premier brands like Cadillac and Mercedes.

Additional cool features include a large display screen with one of the best navigation systems available; a driver’s side door handle that doesn’t reveal itself until you approach with the key; and a software system that can receive remote updates. The best part? The Tesla Model S is electric, so it saves you money on fuel and puts you on the cutting edge of technology.

Because it is so cutting edge, the Tesla Model S isn’t something you’re likely to find at any run of the mill local dealership. Looking for new cars online is a great way to explore your options.

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