41 Mind Blowing Infographics on Words and Languages ...

By Jennifer

41 Mind Blowing Infographics on Words  and Languages  ...

If you love language and think words are wonderful, have I got a list of infographics for you! To the images full-size, just give them a tap... and enjoy!

1 How to Say "I Love You"

2 Are You from London?

3 The Hardest Languages to Learn

4 Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

5 Are You Really Fluent in Spanish?

6 Crash Course: Italian

7 Cool Facts about Spanish

8 Get a Grip!

9 English

10 We Need These Words!

11 Advantages of Teaching Baby Sign Language

12 But Why?

13 For the Love of the Oxford Comma

14 Korean Numbers

15 The Global Guide to Hand Gestures

16 Color Meanings around the World

17 Why Learn French?

18 Oh My Grammar!

19 Be Bilingual!


21 50 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Languages

22 How to Teach English

23 Have a Second?

24 Pig-Speak?

25 Money Talks

26 An Overview of Spanish

27 Introduction to Homophones

28 How to Say "Hello"

29 Spanish Words for "Pen"

30 Korean Symbols

31 Just 10 Days!

32 Doggie!

33 Learning Japanese

34 Mice, Too?

35 Today's Top Languages

36 Korean Opposites

37 Bird Words

38 How to Say “thank You” in 100 Languages

39 Umm, Quack?

40 Yodify Me!

41 Most Spoken Languages

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