Little Things Every Woman Needs in Her Apartment ...

Valencia Higuera

Little Things Every Woman Needs in Her Apartment ...

You've been dreaming about this day for months or years, and it's finally here. You're moving into your own apartment and you're ready to exert a little independence. Obviously, you need furniture, such as a couch and bed in your new place. But there's other things you need as well – less obvious things. Here are seven little things every woman needs in her apartment.

1 A Tool Kit

If you're renting an apartment, you can give maintenance a buzz to handle little and big repairs that pop up. But unfortunately, the maintenance guy isn't going to pay a visit if you need someone to put together a bookshelf or TV stand for you. And if your dad, brother, uncles or guy friends are unavailable, you're on your own. Rather than let a new purchase sit in the box for weeks until someone's available to assist, purchase a basic tool set and become your own personal home builder.

2 Bathroom Candles

Let's be honest, living on your own can be rough – especially if you don't have a lot of extra money. You're the only one paying the bills, so you might have some financial stress. To get through tough times, you need to find ways to relax at home, and it starts with a bubble bath and scented candles to melt away stress and anxiety.

3 Nice, Comfortable Bed Sheets

Maybe your parents weren't willing to spend the big bucks to buy comfortable, soft sheets for your bed, but now that you're an adult, treat yourself. Once upon a time I believed the kind of sheets I purchased didn't matter. Of course, that was until I invested in a quality sheet set and experienced the best sleep ever.

4 Matching Dishes

Your apartment might be small and you might have mismatched furniture, but this doesn't mean you should have mismatched dishes. A set of matching dishes doesn't cost much. It doesn't need to be an expensive China pattern, just something nice and classy if you decide to invite friends or family over for a dinner party.

5 Plunger

Sure, you can call maintenance to handle a plumbing issue. However, by the time someone responds, your bathroom toilet might overflow leaving a nasty mess to clean up. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and clean up by keeping a plunger in your utility closet.

6 A Painted Wall

It might be a rental, but some landlords allow tenants to incorporate their personal styles, which means you might be able to paint a wall. White, empty walls are boring and cold. But if you add color, even if it's only one wall, this can create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere, and you'll love coming home.

7 Bug Spray

Yes, I know we're bigger than any bug, but this doesn't change how I feel about them. It doesn't matter how much you clean the house....a bug will find its way inside -- it's inevitable. If you're anything like me and you hate any type of small critter -- spiders, crickets, water bugs, etc -- don't move in without bringing bug spray with you.

It's a huge milestone, and if this is your first time living on your own, it's easy to forget the little things. What else should every woman have in her apartment?