10 Little-Known Ways to Fight a Hangover ...


10 Little-Known Ways to Fight a Hangover ...
10 Little-Known Ways to Fight a Hangover ...

Drank too much, looking for the best ways to fight a hangover? Whether you were out with the girls or at a work function, it can be difficult to avoid drinking in some social situations – and even more difficult to deal with a hangover the next day! So who hasn’t tried a variety of disgusting remedies to try and shift that hangover? If you can’t face more hair of the dog, here are 10 little-known ways to fight a hangover – all tried and tested!

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Fruit Juice

So everyone knows to hit the water – preferably when you are drinking alcohol, and afterwards. But did you know that alcohol causes your blood sugar levels to plummet, worsening hangover symptoms? Therefore, drinking fruit juice is one of the best ways to fight a hangover. Add a couple of glasses of fruit juice to your breakfast the day after, and you’ll give your blood sugar a boost as well as replacing lost electrolytes, and feel much better. Opt for apple or cranberry if you can, as these are kind to sensitive stomachs.



Hungry? Opt for a sandwich or jacket potato stuffed with tinned tuna. This stuff is full of nutrients, and tests have shown it’s one of the best foods for replenishing your body's lost vitamins. If you can stomach it, tuna is almost certain to make you feel better, and improve your mood.



Okay, so everyone knows fruit is good for you – but bananas are in a world of their own when it comes to post-drinking. They are full of potassium, which is lost when you drink alcohol, and can cause that unshakeable tiredness. A potassium deficiency can also make you throw up, give cramps and make you feel nauseous, so eating a banana can make you feel worlds better when you're fighting a hangover.



Craving a fry-up? Reach for the wholemeal bread, and it won’t be as bad as you think. Wholemeal is packed with B vitamins and fatty acids that will help your liver to detoxify and heal your body. It’ll also absorb any excess alcohol, which is of course one of the best ways to fight a hangover.



Alcohol causes your body to produce acetaldehyde, a toxic substance responsible for that hangover pain. Your body can counter it by creating glutathione, but its natural supply is used quickly. Help replace it by chowing down on eggs, which contain the chemical and will help to remove any of the toxin that’s left.



Carry a small pack of nuts in your handbag, and you’ll suffer much less. Not only will they curb a potential hangover if you snack on them while drinking, but they’ll stabilise blood sugar and help to replenish vitamins if you eat them afterwards, too. Great but simple option for fighting a hangover!


Milk, Garlic and Olive Oil

Going for a meal before drinking? Snack on milk, garlic and olive oil (although not together, that probably wouldn’t taste nice!). They’ll line your stomach, boost your vitamin levels and help to absorb alcohol – and if you eat before drinking, you are likely to drink less too.


Peppermint Tea

Got a lovely other half? Send them to make you a cup of peppermint tea when you wake up. Peppermint is a digestive aid that works to relieve tension, stomach pains and bloating, and it also helps your body to detoxify quicker. Not to mention being refreshing and delicious.



Ginger in all its forms can help to ease nausea, and it works as an excellent anti-inflammatory too. Still, ginger ale, ginger biscuits and ginger tea are all good ways to get some into your body and fight off that hangover-sickness. If you feel up to it, chop some ginger into a stir fry as well.



Do you love spinach? Well, it seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it food, but there’s no denying it's good for you. Especially if you’ve got a hangover! Every spinach leaf is full of nutrients and vitamins, including folic acid, sulfur and vitamin C, which are all essential for fighting that hangover away. Some claim it tastes better with a drizzle of honey – it’s worth a try?!

So, next time you go shopping, stock up on these key ingredients to fight that hangover. Not only will they ease those typical hangover symptoms, but they’ll help your body to heal, and make you feel 100% better. Do you have any secret ways to fight a hangover? Let me know, I’d love to hear it!

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This is a very helpful post! Usually, I just stick to lots and lots of Gatorade!

Coconut milk is full of electrolytes and it's works well.

I just use powerade not healthy but gives sugar hit n re hydrates. Like this list of healthier options

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