10 Little-Known Ways to Fight a Hangover ...


Drank too much, looking for the best ways to fight a hangover? Whether you were out with the girls or at a work function, it can be difficult to avoid drinking in some social situations – and even more difficult to deal with a hangover the next day! So who hasn’t tried a variety of disgusting remedies to try and shift that hangover? If you can’t face more hair of the dog, here are 10 little-known ways to fight a hangover – all tried and tested!

1. Fruit Juice

So everyone knows to hit the water – preferably when you are drinking alcohol, and afterwards. But did you know that alcohol causes your blood sugar levels to plummet, worsening hangover symptoms? Therefore, drinking fruit juice is one of the best ways to fight a hangover. Add a couple of glasses of fruit juice to your breakfast the day after, and you’ll give your blood sugar a boost as well as replacing lost electrolytes, and feel much better. Opt for apple or cranberry if you can, as these are kind to sensitive stomachs.

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