Listen up It's Take It in the Ear Day ...


December is such a jolly time of year that it seems like every day of the month should be a holiday … and that's practically true. For instance, December 8 is Take It in the Ear Day. What's that mean? What are we supposed to celebrate? Well, your guess is as good as ours.

No one really knows what Take It in the Ear Day is, what it means, or what it celebrates. The origins are a little hazy and no one really knows where the holiday came from or when it actually became a holiday. That pretty much gives you carte blanche to celebrate however you choose!

For instance, maybe you'll choose today as the day to clean out your ears. Maybe you'll get your ears pierced. Perhaps you'll spend the entire day whispering in your sweetie's ear! It's all up to your interpretation! Just make sure you celebrate safely – don't go sticking anything weird in your ears!

What's the consensus, y'all? How do you choose to celebrate Take It in the Ear Day?

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That's it. I'm getting my ear canal fucked today

Oh my god ahahaha Cheyennes comment!!


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