7 Laundry Mistakes You May Not Be Aware You Are Making ...


7 Laundry Mistakes You May Not Be Aware You Are Making ...
7 Laundry Mistakes You May Not Be Aware You Are Making ...

Laundry mistakes are easy enough to make. Most of us make them from time to time. I’ve made my share of them, too. These are some laundry mistakes that you may not be aware you’re making but can make some tweaks to correct them easily.

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Throwing Bras in the Washer and Dryer

Throwing bras in the washer and dryer can drastically shorten their life. The dryer can be especially hard on bras, making this one of the laundry mistakes that'll cost you the most money. It’s best to reshape them and let them dry flat after they’re washed. As far as washing bras goes, hand washing is best. If you simply can’t find the time to hand wash them, choose a quick cycle on your washer and use a lingerie bag.


Using Too Much Detergent

It’s easy to use too much detergent. Your mind is on something else and you just dump some in then realize it was a bit too much. This is an even easier laundry mistake to make if you have a front load washer because they require less detergent. There are detergents specifically made for HE washers so that can be helpful. This is an easy laundry mistake to fix by paying a bit more attention.


Not Reading the Instructions

Not reading the instructions on how to launder your clothing can lead to laundry mistakes. Some garments may be able to be washed but need to be line dried. Others might need to be washed on a certain cycle. It’s very easy to make laundry mistakes in this area. Sometimes reading the instructions can make a big difference.


Drying on the Wrong Setting

Haven’t we all been guilty of drying most things on the same setting? I know I have. Different articles of clothing can require different drying cycles. It may not hurt your clothing if the drying cycle isn’t the exact one instructed but it’s possible. Using the correct drying cycle can help you prevent issues like shrinkage.


Not Heeding the Dry Clean Only Label

Those dry clean only labels can be really frustrating, can’t they? You just want the convenience of throwing the article of clothing in the washer and dryer like your other laundry. Sometimes you can get by with laundering dry clean only items but it’s a risk. When in doubt, opt for the dry cleaner. You might consider trying to avoid buying dry clean only items in the future if this creates a huge hassle for you.


Overloading the Washer

The temptation to overload the washer is strong. You just want to get your laundry done. But overloading the washer can cause your clothing to not be adequately cleaned. It can also cause damage to your washer. Aim for loading it about half to three-fourths full.


Letting Clothes Sit in the Dryer

This isn’t a mistake that will really harm your clothing. But it can cause your laundry to become wrinkled. If you hate to iron, you might want to take care of your clothing as soon as the dryer goes off. Or you can cheat a little bit and turn the dryer back on for a few minutes. This can remove some of the wrinkles.

Have you been making any of these laundry mistakes? Can you offer any other advice on avoiding laundry mistakes? I would love to learn from you, too.


One other laundry mistake to avoid is using too much detergent. It can leave a residue on clothes, making them look dingy and feel stiff. Too much detergent can also cause your washing machine to become clogged and inefficient. If you use too much detergent, use a second rinse cycle to get rid of the residue.

It’s also important to separate your laundry into different loads. Different types of fabrics require different levels of agitation and water temperatures. For example, delicate items like lingerie and silk should be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle. Towels and other items with heavy fabrics should be washed in hot water on the heavy duty cycle.

Another mistake to avoid is over-drying your clothing. Over-drying can cause fabrics to become brittle and can also cause shrinkage. Be sure to check your clothing after the dryer has gone off and take them out while they are still slightly damp.

Finally, when folding and putting away your laundry, be sure to store items according to type. Heavy items like jeans and sweaters should not be stored with delicate items like lingerie and silk. This will help ensure that items keep their shape and don’t become damaged.

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I had no idea that front load washers don't need as much detergent... Thank you so much for that info!

Dry cleaners put clothing into large washing machines anyway. My mum in law worked for one. Trick is to gently warm wash

Nice article

Very good info thank you !

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