Laptop 💻 Hacks for People Who Want Faster Wifi 🏃🏼 ...

It doesn't matter if you're in your own home or trying to use the internet at a coffee shop, because there are laptop hacks you can use to get a better connection. After all, it's no fun waiting minutes for a webpage to load. That's why you should follow these tips to get faster wifi:

1. Keep Your Router Away from Other Electronics

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Your router's signal can be blocked by other electronics. That's why you don't want to place it too close to your microwave or hair dryer. Try to place it as far away from other electronics as you can.

2. Keep Your Router out in the Open

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Most people rest their routers against the wall, but that's actually the worst place that you can keep them. They will work better if you place them in the center of your room, so that they're away from any walls and obstructive furniture.

3. Find a Secluded Area

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If you're using public wifi while you're out and about, web pages are going to load slowly if there are a lot of people around. That's why it's best to find a spot that isn't bustling with people. If you're on your college campus, try to search for a spot that not many people visit. Not only will it make your wifi work faster, but it will also give you some peace and quiet.

4. Get Adblock

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Adds can make web pages take longer to load. That's why you should find free Adblock software that will prevent adds from popping up on your screen. That way, you don't have to worry about making your laptop use up extra energy.

5. Go to Starbucks

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Even though Starbucks is a pretty busy place, it still has the best free wifi around. So if there's one nearby that you can actually find a seat at, it's the first place you should try to go to get your work done.

6. Have a Secure Wireless Connection

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When you're at home, you should make sure that your wireless connection is secure, which means that you need a password to log onto it. If your neighbors are able to use your wifi, then it's going to slow down your connection. The less people using the same router, the better.

7. Use anti-Virus Software

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No one wants a computer virus, because it can destroy the important information that you have on your laptop. However, here's another reason why you want to have anti-virus software on your computer: If you don't, then your wifi is going to run slower.

8. Use Chrome as Your Browser

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Some browsers work better than other browsers. If you're still using Internet Explorer for some reason, then you should download another browser. Chrome tends to be the one that works the fastest, so it's probably your best bet.

9. Close Programs when They're Not in Use

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There are certain programs on your computer that require an internet connection to function, like Skype. That's why you should make sure to shut down Skype and other applications like it when they're not in use. It's a quick way to speed up your wifi.

The faster your wifi is, the faster you can browse online shops and do research for your college papers. That's why it's important to follow these simple tips. What other advice do you have for getting faster wifi?

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