17 Knitting Infographics All Knitting Girls Will Love ...

By Heather

17 Knitting Infographics All Knitting Girls Will Love ...

Knitting is something that my grandma used to do all of the time, it's something that I fell in love with too. I had no idea that there were a ton of different knitting infographics out there, so – for all you knitters out there, I compiled a list of the top infographics for your review! Take a look!

1 Knitting = Great Health!

There are physical and mental benefits to knitting!

2 Oh! One Week of Stitches!

How cool is this one? I love it!

3 It's Not Just for Your Grandma Anymore

Knitting is for anyone!

4 Crochet Tips Anyone?

I know I use these all the time!

5 All the Knitting Lines You Could Ever Need!

I know I'll be printing this out.

6 Learn How to Crochet Easily

One infographic and I know how to crochet now – so cool!

7 Choosing the Perfect Yarn

Because that is SO important!

8 How to Knit – Easily!

Just follow the directions and you'll learn!

9 Left-handed?

You can still knit!

10 How to Prepare to Knit in Public

So easy to follow!

11 Alllllll the Different Type of Animals and Their Yarn

You'll need to know this for sure!

12 The Needles!

There are so many needles out there, which ones are right?

13 All the Cheat Sheets in the World

You'll need to keep this by your side if you are a knitter.

14 Fabric Materials?

There are tons of different kinds to choose from!

15 The Ultimate Yarn Label Cheat Sheet

For the next time you are in Joann Fabrics looking at yarn!

16 Knitting 101

For all you beginners out there!

17 Easy Easter Knits

Love this one!

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