7 Items to Put Easter Goodies in Other than a Basket ...


7 Items to Put Easter Goodies in Other than a Basket ...
7 Items to Put Easter Goodies in Other than a Basket ...

With Easter quickly approaching, you might be thinking about the different types of items to put Easter goodies in. Luckily, there are tons of different things that you can use. Many of these items are very economical and some can be purchased for just a few dollars. Some of them can be reused and some of them can even be worn. Let's take a look at a few of the different items to put Easter goodies in.

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Bucket One of my favorite items to put Easter goodies in is a bucket. There are tons of different types and sizes that you can choose from. It's also easy to find one to work with any budget. Several different years I have purchased sand buckets to my children's goodies in and they really like it. You can purchase sand buckets at Walmart, Target, and at many dollar discount stores for $1-$2. Some people also like to personalize their buckets by putting their child's name on them.


Baseball Hat

Baseball Hat Using a baseball hat to put your Easter goodies in is another option. This one seems to be a hit with older kids. It would even work for your boyfriend or husband, if you wanted to get them an Easter gift, too. The price of baseball hats does vary depending on the brand and where your purchase it. If you want to use a hat to hold your items, simply turn it upside down and fill the inside of with your goodies. Perhaps, you could add things like peanuts and beef jerky. This gift idea would also work if you wanted to use a cowboy hat, instead.


Dump Truck

Dump Truck If you have a little one who likes dump trucks, consider using one to put their goodies in. You can purchase a variety of different dump trucks, so the price is going to vary. If you need to find an inexpensive one to stay within your budget, consider looking in the seasonal section at places like Walmart and Target. Once you've selected a truck that you're happy with, simply fill the truck bed with goodies like candy, cars, and sidewalk chalk.


Beach Towel

Beach Towel Lately, I have been noticing that many people are using beach towels in place of Easter baskets. I'm hoping to try this one this year myself. You simply get a beach towel, roll it up, tie it with a ribbon and stuff the goodies in the towel. If you plan to go the pool or beach this summer, you could even do a beach theme, by adding things like sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses.


This creative spin adds a practical element to the festive season. The beach towel can not only hold Easter treats but also become a useful gift in itself. Imagine watching your loved ones unroll their towel to discover an assortment of Easter chocolates nestled within! You can pick a towel that reflects the recipient's personality, whether it's a vibrant pattern or a character from their favorite movie. And for that extra touch, a customized towel with their name or initials can really make the poolside or beach trip special post-Easter celebrations.


Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool Do you plan to get a kiddie pool for your little one this summer? If so, you should consider using it to put your Easter goodies in. Many small kiddie pools can be purchased for $5 to $10. You can also choose from the hard plastic type or one that blows up.You could add some fun toys that your little one can play with in their pool.


Plastic Cup

Plastic Cup I love putting goodies in plastic cups.They make great gift holders that can be used over and over. They also work well for most age groups. In the past I have given plastic cups filled with goodies as party favors and as teachers' gifts. In my opinion, I think that cups filled with goodies are a perfect gift to give when you want to let someone know you're thinking about them.


Watering Can

Watering Can Watering cans work well for both children and adults. They are perfect for people who love to plant flowers and take care of them. If you use a watering can instead of a basket, you can add things like seeds and gardening tools. I have used this idea for my daughter in the past because she loves planting flowers. This idea would work well for other holidays, as well.

Making an Easter gift for your loved ones can be so much fun. What types of items do you put Easter goodies in? I'm looking forward to hearing some of your ideas.

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