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Is It Really Possible to Be Just Friends with a Guy Yes and Heres Why You Need a Male BFF ...

By Lisa

I’ve always been the type who gets along better with males than females. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that only a female friend will understand and there’s nothing like it. But, I also appreciated all that my male friends contributed to our friendship. I loved hearing their honest opinion about how they perceived certain people in my life, how they approached problems, and just being able to share inappropriate jokes and stories with them that my female friends would likely disown me for! That was my personal experience with my male friends, but there are tons of great reasons to have a close guy friend and I’ll tell you why below!

Table of contents:

  1. He can give you great advice
  2. Your friendship is relatively drama-free
  3. You can learn from one another
  4. You’ll be exposed to different things
  5. There are no expectations
  6. He might introduce you to a great guy
  7. You can count on him to be honest

1 He Can Give You Great Advice

I think it’s safe to say that males and females think differently. Women and men approach situations and problems differently so getting a male perspective on a dilemma can be super helpful. This is not just for guy problems, although guy friends are awesome at helping you decipher what you might think are mixed signals. But, it’s always good to get input from someone who approaches things differently than you to offer a new way of looking at the situation.

2 Your Friendship is Relatively Drama-free

Although I can’t guarantee that any and all friendships with a male will be totally drama-free, for the most part, your friendship with a guy has much less drama and upkeep than that with a girl. Guys typically don’t get upset if you don’t call or text at a certain time, spend more time with another friend, or get hurt or offended from what she perceived to be a snub. Friendships with a guy can be pretty laid-back and they’re typically less judgmental than some girlfriends can be.

3 You Can Learn from One Another

One of perks of being just friends with a guy is that it can offer you an inside look into how a guy’s mind works. I’m not trying to say that all guys are the same, but you’ll find that there are definitely similarities. So, being able to get a behind-the-scenes look might help you understand where your crush is coming from or why guys do certain things, and you can do the same for him!

4 You’ll Be Exposed to Different Things

Being friends with a guy pretty much means you’ll be exposed to different things than what you’d typically do with your girlfriends and that’s a good thing! Maybe your guy BFF will show you a new hobby that’s considered more of a “guy thing” that you absolutely love or introduce you to people that you would’ve never met otherwise. You can also introduce him to new things that he normally wouldn’t try.

5 There Are No Expectations

Assuming that neither of you have feelings for one another and want nothing more than friendship, it’s refreshing to be able to spend time with a guy without being afraid of your actions being misinterpreted. You know how some people say that guys and girls can’t be just friends? Well, that can be true for some, but when you know you’ve got a true friend, you won’t have to worry about him thinking you’re secretly interested.

6 He Might Introduce You to a Great Guy

Having a best guy friend or guy friends could possibly get you an introduction to a great guy. Any good friend will only want the best for you and your guy BFF won’t let one of his womanizer friends anywhere near you! If he introduces you to someone that he feels is worthy of dating, you can trust that he’ll be someone worth your time. Even if you just want to play the field and don’t want a boyfriend, your male bestie is a good resource for eligible bachelors!

7 You Can Count on Him to Be Honest

Generally speaking, men tend to be more direct than women, sometimes to the point that it comes across as harsh. If you’re the type of person who needs the honest truth, a guy friend is likely able to provide you with it. Some guys can’t help but be their blunt, candid selves and if that’s something you need more of from your friends, a guy can likely offer it.

Do you have a male BFF or more guy friends than girls? What do you like most about your friendship? Let us know your thoughts!

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