How Can You Tell πŸ€” if They Are Compy-Catible ✌️?

Is being a copycat a bad thing? I'm going to assume everyone was a little puzzled the first moment they read the title. What is a compy-catable? Well, according to my strange, but unique word choice, a compy-catable is basically a copycat that isn't necessarily a copycat. Still confused? Let me break it down. People usually describe a copycat as someone who mimics or imitates someone’s mannerisms, actions or style. Now if you look closely you will notice that I tried to include the word compatible. When we use the word compatible, it often refers to us sharing a common interest with someone without conflict. Combining the two words together may seem completely absurd, but let's think. Are people really considered copy cats if they are just simply admired enough to be like you? And is being a copycat a bad thing?

I remember in high school when I used to write on the side of my Vans and the next day, I noticed my friend did the same exact thing. For some odd reason I got upset, but then I thought about it and realized I got the idea of drawing on my shoes from someone else too. I'm pretty sure there was someone who started that trend centuries ago, without me having a clue at all. I had a hard time trying to figure out why people did such things but I came to the conclusion that sometimes people are really just compatible with one another. How many times have you watched a documentary about a legend that mentioned their musical role models? How many times have you been to the mall and saw the same top but named after a different brand?

There have been many times where I heard a girl crying about how her boyfriend dumped her for a "better" girl. In my opinion, I don't think there is ever a β€œbetter” girl. I think that all women are the best that they can be, and that’s all that matters because that β€œbetter” girl wishes she were better herself. What I think that guys do is they seek out all the girls that remind them of their ex. Guys like girls that have some sort of resemblance when it comes to their exes. Not for everyone. But I noticed that for some people, especially the guys that really loved their ex, it's almost like they want to fill in the void or the missing piece from their previous girlfriend with a new one. So, whenever I catch a girl crying over a guy she lost, I stop and ask her whose loss really was it? Then she suddenly feels better. We as women should start feeling a lot more confident in our own shoes because there is always someone out there who secretly admires us.

Even if it may seem like they aren't paying you any attention, trust me, they are watching like a hawk. I believe the best outfit to wear is confidence. Even when you feel like crap, there's always going to be someone who thinks otherwise. And that other person just might become a very special person in your life, or they may become special in another person's life, all because of you!

Let's face it, a lot of people have the same taste, others don't and that's okay. It's what keeps creativity going. It's the way of life. But unfortunately, you do have those people out there who become obsessed with you and want to stalk your every move. That's a whole other story that comes off a bit weird. But if situations like this ever begin to agitate you, just remember these five most important things.

1. Only One You

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There is only one you in the world and that you is a special you.

2. Road to Success

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If it is business related, just know that you and the other person are on two totally different paths in life. Don't be intimidated. You will both succeed with similar interests but with different routes.

3. Just like You

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Take it as a compliment if there is someone who looks up to you and wants to be just like you. That should let you know that you are doing something right. (Hopefully it's something positive).

4. Be Who You Are

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Don't ever feel the need to change your style or personality because someone else is following. Continue to be the person you are, because you may end up inspiring that person and helping them in the long run. Always remember, people come into your life for a reason.

5. We Are All Copycats

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To be honest, we are all copycats in our own way so don't let it bug you when someone else copies you. It just means you're doing something awesome!

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